In Fort Finance we specialize in financial advisory. Our team has long-term history and vast experience in banking and investor relations. We have in-depth expertise and know-how both in strategic and everyday financial issues. We believe in consulting that will lead to useful and profitable results. Fort Finance is based on Estonian capital.

Our services include:


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Trade Finance

Finding financing

Representing clients in financial negotiations with banks

Giving advice and solving financial issues

Trade Finance

We give expert advice how to efficiently finance trade: purchase, transport, stock and sale of goods – full cycle from seller to buyer. Preparation of Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee projects focusing on your risks and minimizing them. We also give Trade Finance consultations to banks (commodity financing, documentary payments).


We provide all types of different insurances, our broad network of professional partners will always guarantee a competitive price and best cover.

Capital Raising

We find necessary capital for starting businesses, also for existing companies to broaden their activities. We prepare all documentation and present to possible investors and creditors. We consult refinancing processes for cost management purposes.


Organizing everyday accounting, declarations, statements and consulting. Auditing of accounting by our partners.

Business Advisory

Writing business plans, presenting to investors and creditors, also market research, business development and strategies, evaluation of credit solvency.

Legal Consulting

Consulting businesses in a broad field of different topics; from setting up a new business to everyday financial matters.

Fort Finance is a professional consulting agency in a field of financial and banking services. Our team of experts has a long and impressive history in banking, we are therefore always able to provide the most relevant and reliable information and advice. With us questions will change into answers and solutions.

We believe every moment in business is constantly changing. For us typical solutions do not exists because these will lead to average results. Individual approach is behind a strong and successful cooperation.

About Us

Our values

Loyalty to our clients

We listen to our clients, respect their privacy and confidentiality. We value long-term client relations over short-term profit.


We keep our promises at a very high professional level. We are aware of the importance of our activity and its consequences to our clients. We assume liability for our actions. Punctuality is an important part of our reputation.

Honesty and openness

We always do what we promise and we promise what we can deliver. Transparent relations with clients and partners are important to us.

Creative thinking and innovation

We constantly monitor the market and find new and innovative ways to give better service to our clients.

Varivärava 50
Tallinn 10152, Estonia